Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympics and the big match

What a wild weekend it was. The Olympics have taken off and I watched most of the opening ceremonies. Then I went to Goblins to see a cover band play Red Hot Chili Peppers. They were pretty good but.... Saturday night was really wild. Marco said there was a party, which I thought, was at a bar but it was in a reserved hall for Salvatore (who I don’t know) because he has graduated from University in Engineering. I felt a little strange since I didn’t know this guy but as people showed up it seemed like I knew everyone else. Teddy and Alessandra were there from Alle Corte di Bacco and the whole shop staff at Cantieri U.R.L. I have to remember if I ever get married in Italy to invite Erica because she was the life of the party. She was bringing the bottles of champagne to people and pulling people out to dance. Marco was outside not feeling too well for the last hour of the party so Alberto was our driver home. The party easily went to 2:00 AM even if the music wasn’t that great.
Sunday I stayed in and watched some Olympic coverage. I feel asleep during the 15+15 km Men’s Pursuit. To us that’s cross-country skiing. I woke up (HEY, they covered the whole race, which was over an hour long!) because the announcer was screaming at the end and this was only because an Italian came in 3rd. The really good thing was an Italian won the gold in Luge so they covered all 4 runs and that was something I really wanted to see.
Then last night was THE BIG MATCH. #1 Juventus vs #2 Inter. The bar was packed like I have never seen. You could tell this was important by the players’ actions and emotions. Inter had a goal but it was taken away because Adriano took the free kick before the referee blew the whistle. Adriano, how could you? But hey, he’s known for his incredible ability to kick the ball, not brains. Then Juventus went up 1-0 on a perfectly played set of passes down the field. Inter tied it up on a set play from a corner kick. And then with 5 minutes left, the ref blew a really bad foul in favor of Juve. The bar was chanting when Del Piero stepped up and then he buried the kick into the net from well outside the box. The bar erupted in cheers. I can’t wait to be here during the World Cup in June. Almost everyone was cheering for Juve last night but in June EVERYONE will be cheering for Italy.

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