Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Livin' on the Edge

Yesterday there was havoc at my doorstep. Old man winter is trying to reach me. The office was a buzz when word spread that it was snowing in Francaville Fontana and Ostuni. That’s pretty close. Co-workers who live in that direction were already telling me that they expect it will take an extra hour to get home. All of this and it was 2 inches of snow from what I read last night. Still this area is not known for snow and I find it incredible that it didn’t snow here in Brindisi. There is a fierce cold wind coming out of the North that is carrying the snow down South and you can see the clouds in the distance but they just break up enough to not have the moisture needed to snow here. It’s almost hilarious because it’s always that way. I don’t think it’s snowed here in about 6 years but every year in Ostuni they get snow for a couple of days. This year it was Francaville Fontana too, which is a little more unusual and noteworthy event. Imagine every year Dayton getting snow but not Cincinnati and then finally one-year Middletown gets some snow but still nothing in Cincinnati. That’s about what has happened. I want to go there and get pictures of it but I know that would end being a big headache.

Other news. I’m being tempted to get a friend for Nello. I knew that would happen. There is someone who has to give up the perfect friend for him (about the same age) but the problem is they have two cats. I’m not taking on three cats. Two is the max.

I’m also very tired. I stayed up late last night to see a rebroadcast of the Super Bowl and it didn’t come on. It was supposed to start at 12:45 AM but they had some other sports show. I think they pushed it back to 1:30 AM without changing the schedule. Who would want to see that Super Bowl thing anyway? It should be rebroadcast again at a reasonable time next week. They’ll cut out some of the time between plays and it will take an hour and a half to show. Of course that means there won’t be any of the cool commercials.


Candace said...

Nello needs a friend!

I have 4 cats, but 3 is a good number, too. :o)

Lori said...

You can see some of the commercials on line. I can't remember where off hand, but google it.