Monday, February 20, 2006

Another weekend of stories...

Friday night was a rather ordinary night. We spent most of the night at Goblins and then on to “The Spinnaker”. I realize now that the whole night I only had two small beers. When you’re out with a larger group you’re talking and switching seats so you don’t seem to drink much. Probably why Italian pubs don’t make much money. Then Saturday night I was waiting for a call from Marco and I ended up going to a nearby small town with Teodoro, Allassandra, Ottavio, Mitrana and others. It was strange because the first place we stopped was a pub that had a cover charge. No one wanted to pay this so we went on to another place. This turned out to a school gym that was having a reggae concert. It was 5 euro to get in here too but everyone was willing to pay for this concert. The place was packed with mainly kids smoking, smoking all kinds of things. I think my jacket will be airing out for a few days. It was a pretty good concert but I would not go to something similar for a while. I didn’t get home until about 4:30 AM and I again I didn’t spend much. I had one glass of wine before we left and then 5 euro to get in.
Sunday was a very good day. I had lunch at Marco’s house and I think his mom cooks better than Turibio’s (don’t tell Turibio I said that). I couldn’t ask for much more. We had home made orecchiette and she even gave me the left over uncooked pasta and some sauce!!!!! Then after that we met up with some of Marco’s friends for a coffee and gelato. It was starting to be suppertime so everyone went to Erika’s house for a pizza. Now at this point I wasn’t hungry so I shamefully had to take a small pizza because that’s all I needed. So when this was over and we talked a while it was time to head home. At this point it was just after midnight. I think I have all the names and couples worked out in the order of how well I know them.
Marco and Antonella
Valiero and Erika
Gianluca and Francesca
Teddy and Allassandra
Alberto and Annarita (Bari)
Christian and Illaria?
Ottavio and ??
Mitrana and ?Piero?
Federica and Paolo
Marco (taller one and more hair)
Marco (tallest and always best dressed) and Dora
Ok maybe I still need some work on names.

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