Monday, May 09, 2005

Late Mother's Day post

I found this a little while ago and I wanted to post it around Mother's Day....
Mother's Day - the bond between Italian mothers and sons is probably the strongest in the Western world and is on the rise according to experts. A recent study by the national statistics bureau found that one third of married men see their mother every day and 78% visit her at least once a week. In addition, 52% of Italian men between the ages of 20 and 34 live at home until they are legally married. This is the record for the European continent and for most of the rest of the world! Italian men who remain single tend to stay at home until relatively late in life with seven out of ten men over age 35 remaining with their parents. Only one out of five single men who leave home move further than 50 kilometers away while 42% of them live within one kilometer of their mother's clothes-washing services. Comments journalist Beppe Severgnini, 'No wonder the birthrate in Italy is so low. After all, it is hard to conceive with mom and dad in the other room'. With all this Italian family super bonding it is understandable that Mother's Day carries a special significance here. Most children remember their mothers with flowers and special dinners.

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