Friday, April 29, 2005

Daylight Savings!!! Praise the Lord!!!

I wanted to write a quick post here. I just read where, lord help me, Indiana passed a bill to adopt daylight savings time like most of the world!!! It’s incredible. I never thought it would happen. I’m so happy, I had to make this post. I don’t care which time zone Indiana joins (still to be decided). Anyone who lives in Indiana and has had to deal with people in THE REST OF THE WORLD (this includes far away places like Cincinnati and Chicago) knows that not observing daylight savings is a pain in the royal #$#$#%@. Now I will never have to adjust schedules for meetings and worry about time changes again. It will be soooo nice. Now true Hawaii doesn’t change their clocks but let’s see, they are an island paradise in the middle of the Pacific. Indiana is not!!! I don’t know why Arizona is a hold out too. Maybe too much sun. I don’t care. I still can’t believe it and it only happened because of ONE VOTE in the statehouse. Anyway I thought you all would like to know. Indiana is going to be a little better place in my book now. One less thing to gripe about. Keep it up and I’ll be moving back

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