Friday, April 01, 2005

What you keeping asking about....

Well I didn’t want to say anything but everyone always wants to know “Have you met any nice young Italian ladies?” and answer is “Yes”. I have met many, but recently I have started going out with one that seems a little better than the rest and her name is Arianna. We seem to be hitting it off well and I know a lot about her now. Let’s see... what should I tell you without writing a really long article. She’s very intelligent having completed her Master’s Degree studying Biotechnology in Bologna. Currently she’s studying the diseases of grapes at Bari University as part of a large research project. Her sport of choice was Volleyball but she hurt her knee so now she still plays but “very slowly”, which is funny because she walks faster than any Italian I have ever met. She knows some English from when she studied in Germany for a year so I don’t have to speak in Italian but I try to and I think I will learn a lot from her. She was born and raised in a small town 45 minutes from me where she and her whole family still live. She has those classical southern Italian looks with dark skin (compared to us Midwesterners) and long straight black hair. There aren’t many bad things to say about her but her town, Sava, is a good distance away like I mentioned before and she is the oldest of three kids in her family but you’ll agree those are minor things. One more important thing, she doesn’t smoke. I know the next thing is everyone will insist on a picture but I’m going to make you wait that. Hey, you’re lucky I said anything about her.

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