Tuesday, March 29, 2005

State Side Visit

Well my visit to the States for my brother’s wedding is over. I’m back in Italy now. I wanted to write something while I was in America but there never really seemed to be time. I thought I was going to be sitting around doing nothing for most the week but that’s not how it worked out. The only thing I had planned to do was to go up to Indianapolis to see friends up there. I won’t want to try to cover everything so I’ll just summarize.
First of all, the wedding since it was the whole reason for the trip. Everything seemed to come together perfectly. Pam seemed to positively glow in the forest in her white dress under the overcast skies (which is actually better light for pictures like that). I think the photos are going to really show this. My brother held up under the pressure and was much more relaxed than I expected. It was incredible to see everyone together and realize how much bigger my family is now. You tend to dwell on the past and how some of my grandparents and older relatives are no longer around. Now I realize that all I have to do is look around there and realize that my family is just as big as ever, maybe bigger.
It’s funny because I didn’t get to go to Indianapolis as much as I wanted because I had to borrow one of my parents’ cars. It’s very strange to be in your 30s and have to ask your parents to use the car. Yes, I could have rented one, but it’s a little too expensive because I don’t have car insurance (the company pays for it on the company car). On the weekends I had my sister and Kent to drive me around in their BMW 525i. Now they have a car worthy of that big new garage they built! All in all it was pretty good trip and I managed to see a lot of people and relax, so it was a great vacation. The thing is my next scheduled trip back is for Travis’s wedding but that’s not until November. It sure seems like I should be back before then. Also, just to let you know my recurring stomachache seems to have disappeared since I returned. I worry there is something about American food that may not agree with me anymore or it could have happened because I went off of coffee while I was in the US. Either way I feel fine now. “Tutto a posto”.

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