Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Things new to me

This post goes along with yesterday’s midpoint post.
Simple things I’ve never done until 18 months ago (some of these I now do everyday) in no particular order:
1. Drink coffee.
2. Shared a cup of coffee with someone else (yes I shared a coffee and it was a thimble sized cup).
3. Had gelato. A lot.
4. Eaten pizza for more than one meal in a day
5. Eaten pasta for more than one meal in a day
6. Had 5 types of cheeses in my frig.
7. Wake up early on Saturday just to walk to the market.
8. Go for a walk either before or after dinner almost EVERY day.
9. Gone without fast food for over a month and at times 6 months.
10. Used the fire department to get into my apartment
11. Driven a car with the alarm going off.
12. Driven the wrong way down a one-way street, on purpose.
13. Run the same stop sign every day (unless someone is coming the other way).
14. Honked at someone even though they had the right of way.
15. Cut someone off even though they had the right of way.
16. Passed a car down the middle of the road. Don’t worry mom I don’t do this anymore.
17. Hung my laundry out to dry.
18. Walked arm in arm with another guy.
19. Worn a scarf.
20. Fallen asleep at work
21. Gone on a blind date with 2 women.
22. Started eating dinner at 11:30 PM
23. Reported a lost key to the Police.
24. Drank 5 different types of alcoholic beverages at one meal
25. Eaten horse meat
26. Stood in a field of poppies
27. Missed a flight
28. Ridden a train. (I mean one that actually went somewhere)
29. SMS text messaged someone (now I can't go without).
30. Owned more than one cell phone and used both at one time.
31. Used my cell phone as the modem for my computer to connect to the internet. (going 32. through the infrared port no less, pretty cool eh!)
32. Paid the same parking ticket twice
33. Listen to American Indians playing “Hotel California” on the streets of an Italian town. There was just something very odd about that.
34. Taken a dump in a hole in the ground and it wasn’t because I was out camping.
35. Got lost within walking distance of my apartment (many times in fact).

Some of these may make you wonder....

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