Friday, March 04, 2005

TV Wars

Just a little note on what I've seen on TV lately. One channel is having 5 nights of the San Remo music festival here in Italy. It's kind of like the Grammies and American Idol rolled into 5 nights in a row. Lori, you'll be happy to know Francesco Renga is leading the men's vocal category. For some reason Mike Tyson appeared on this show briefly and did short version of "Volare" which gives me nightmares just thinking about it (I read about it in the paper). By some strange coincidence another channel is showing all the Rocky movies in a row at the same time slot as San Remo. Tonight is Rocky III. I may tune in to see what Mr. T sounds like in Italian. Funny thing is I think I understand the Italian Sylvester Stallone better than the original.

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