Thursday, May 19, 2005

Journal Entry

I keep a private journal on my computer where I have been writing my personal feelings that no one is ever meant to see. It started as a way to vent frustration when I first moved here and I also wanted to keep track of how I felt "at the time" verses how I feel looking back. Hindsight is 20/20 so it can be very embarrasing to see how you felt before an event or when a problem first happened. This blog has lowered the number of entries in that journal but there are still some things that can’t be said in this forum. So I was looking at my private journal from last year at this very period to see how things have changed (I hadn’t started the blog yet). Last year I was getting ready to go to Venice for the weekend and then back to the US for the whole month of June. Both of these were great trips and I am sad that I haven’t made it back to Venice. This year I’m planning a trip this weekend to Prague and maybe with the Italian holiday coming (June 2nd) I may use the long weekend to go to Athens or back to Venice. After that my plans are pretty light compared to last year. Not many people are coming this year and they all are waiting for September or later when flights are cheaper. I’m not worth a flight in high season!!! Hey, you have a free place to stay! I also have seen signs that the dollar is bouncing back ever so slowly against the euro. Anyway I guess I can’t complain since I’m using most of my spare time and vacation days to chase Paola around Europe (the real reason for going to Prague this weekend and my traveling of late). I hesitate to say any more because as soon as I talked about Arianna in the blog we stopped going out. I would truly be sad if that were to happen with Paola.

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