Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I don’t want everyone to loose interest in my blog so I made another crazy getaway this weekend. This time I went to Prague in the Czech Republic. Now I will say right off that this city does not look AT ALL like a city that was suffering under the rule of Communism some 12 or so years ago. Naples looks more like what I thought Prague would look like. Prague is clean and beautiful with many medieval towers and a beautiful river walk. I was very overwhelmed by this but also a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong it I highly recommend going there it’s just very touristy so don’t go there with the impression that you are exploring someplace new. I, however, did get a chance to explore and experience the Czech Republic like no one else. Paola has a friend there, Roberto (a Roman), who has a son with a Czech woman named Mandalena (that’s what her name sounded like). No, they’re not married but Roberto is driven to help take care of the son and is willing to live in the Czech Republic to do it. He really is great guy who has given up a lot to be a good father. My unique experience was when Paola and I went to their apartment for dinner way outside of Prague Saturday night. We brought Limoncello and some fine Italian chocolates and Roberto made some amazing pizzas. A couple of Mandalena’s friends were there too and they had brought several types of local white wine (the kind that you bring your own water bottle and they fill it up). So there I was having dinner with Czechs and Italians in Czech countryside. One of her friends spoke English pretty well but the others didn’t so the conversations were choppy and short. Afterwards the four of us went out to a local disco while her friends watched their son, Alberti who is between 1 and 2, I think. We danced like a bunch of nuts and I know we were the only non-Czechs in the place. It was a blast because I haven’t danced like I didn’t care (with my hands in the air) in a disco for a long time. On Sunday our touring was slower and started later. Overall it was another truly unique experience. If you want to know more then send me an email. Pictures to come later.

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