Friday, May 19, 2006

Plane Blog

I'm writing from the airplane because I have room like I’ve never had before. The nice lady at the check in counter found an exit row seat so I have room for the big work laptop on this 10.5 hour flight. I’m on the aisle, which is not unusual but this time it proved to be trouble already. I never believed that things actually “may shift during take-off and landing”. That was until the overhead bin above me was opened and bag came down knocked me on head.
Yesterday was “Brindisi in bicicletta”. They closed the roads and a mass of 800 bikers (pedal kind) roamed around an organized route. The problem is 800 bikes don’t fit well on narrow Italian streets so it was very slow moving at times. We rode around for 3 hours and that was definitely enough. Erika and Valerio had the cool bikes from the Cantieri store. I have pictures of the bikes that I’ll put up. I like the fat tires and vintage look of these bikes. You’ll see later.
More later as the in flight movie should start soon. One of them is Chronicles of Narnia, which I actually would like to see.

This is written much later…
Well the time has flown by so far. The airlines lost my luggage but I arrived the later on Tuesday. The conference has been fast and furious so far. We have a little break tomorrow morning, then it’s back on until Wednesday. I did get to play Ultimate Tuesday night!! I may play again tonight, but there is some rough weather around.
I hope Nello is ok.
Also I hope all the people celebrating a birthday’s in Brindisi have fun this weekend. For some reason my super cell phone is not letting me make calls overseas. It’s really upsetting me but I’ll find a way to call you all.

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