Wednesday, May 31, 2006

BACK to work

Man, I’m dragging right now. I’m waiting for all my email to download as I write this. The trip back went pretty smoothly but I didn’t meet anyone interesting on the plane and I didn’t sleep at all. My luggage made it this time and with no new damage. Right now my right ear is blocked something terrible. I can feel it starting to go away now but that third descent into Brindisi was bad.
Everything in the house seems in ok. Nello looks thinner and he cried a lot when he saw me but not as much as when I came back from Christmas so he’s getting more independent.
The town looks the same but the road from the airport to town is almost finished and It will be much wider when it’s done and their will be a sidewalk so it will be less dangerous for pedestrians.
Well it’s after lunch now and my ear feels a lot better but I’m still really tired. Ton of emails so more later….

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