Friday, May 12, 2006

Back in da USSSSSAA

Well this should be my last entry before a two-week stay in US. It’s only been 5 months since I’ve seen friends and family so I might be a little happy to be back. There has been a little extra bounce in my step and my Italian is worse than usual (I’m already thinking in English more- Mexican food, I need some Mexican Food). I like this trip too because it’s one of the few times that I’m heading back when the weather is good back in the Midwest. It seems since I’ve been living in Italy I only go home around Christmas when it’s cold and in the middle of summer when it’s very hot.
So this weekend I have some shopping and packing to do and Sunday is “Brindisi in Bicicletta”. They are going to close some streets around town so we can bike around in safety. For 3 euros you get a t-shirt, baseball cap, and lanyard. Not bad. It should be a photo worthy event so we’ll see Sunday night if I have time to put them up.
Also during this time back I really have to find out my future here. There is officially only 3 months left on my contract and officially I have heard nothing about what type of extension there would be. Of course I’ve heard rumors but I want something definite. I can only assume there would be an extension as there isn’t enough time to replace me at this point. June and July will have disruptions at work for the World Cup. The farther Italy goes the more people that will be "out". I hear the whole country stops when the National team is playing. Then the month of August is a complete loss in Italy. Almost nothing gets done and you couldn’t have some move over then. So what will I do and for how long? I’m getting sick of that question so don’t ask!!!!!! When I know I’ll post it here or send out a mass email.
And Marco, I’m not bringing you a bowling ball when I come back!! I don’t care if it is your birthday!!!! Anche Marco, non scrivi le parolacce nel blog!!! Mia madre legge questo!!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe I will replace you. Sam

Anonymous said...

ok jeff...i hope you have fun in u.s.a....always remember your italian friends in brindisi...