Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Quick blog

I’ve been bad at updating the blog lately. The events lately have been slow. The concert Saturday night was so big we didn’t go. When we arrived the little town was packed solid with people so Paola and I decided that Lecce would be nice enough. We found out the next day that 70,000 people were at the concert. Imagine 70,000 invading Bloomington or Athens for a free concert to be held, not in a stadium, but in piazza in town. Remember also that this town was planned out before cars and the need for parking lots. I think they were expecting 40,000. I was just happy I could get back to the highway.
Last night “the thing to do” was a stupid “introduction” of the basketball team. The team went to the semi-finals in Series B. Yes I think that’s the 2nd level of basketball, so the team is like in the minor league of basketball. A big stage and a whole night that was like a really boring pep rally for the team, but the whole town was there. I took one picture of the team on stage just to have some record on the event. I probably won’t post it. There was a popular local celebrity there, which is what brought the crowd out. He said some bull about how great Brindisi was and how we should support the team. Blah, blah, blah…
The most interesting thing was when I saw one of my neighbors from my building there. I found out he is high up in the front office of the team (some type of secretary, but not the typing and filing type, you know what I mean). He was up on stage and I even saw his picture in the paper. I bet he could get me free tickets to the games. His family is the one that has that little rat dog. Luckily they are two floors down so I don’t hear it except on my way out. If lived directly above or below that dog….

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