Monday, August 01, 2005

Math time!!!!

Let’s do some math. Yeah on a Monday morning no less!!! This weekend the high temperature both days was 40C. To go from C to F multiply by 1.8 and then add 32. If you do that then you get 104F. UUGGHH! Yes, it was 104F all weekend and in the evening it really doesn’t cool off that much. Yes it’s nice to go to the beach, but it kind of sucks when that is THE ONLY thing you can do AND it’s also the only thing everyone else can do, too. Even then in the middle of the day (between 1-4 PM) it’s so hot that you really don’t want to be at the beach either (I burnt my feet on the hot sand, boo hoo). I would have been toasted a nice red color if I would have stayed out. On the positive side I did some snorkeling and saw something new every time I went out. One of the more impressive things was a huge jellyfish (about 14 inches in diameter) and it had a small light blue fish swimming around the top staying away from the stinging tentacles. One of the strangest things for me was when I saw a guy standing on a rock in a shallow area. I wondered what he was doing and then I noticed he had a fork and a sea urchin. Yes, he worked the sea urchin open and ate it right there, IN the sea. Impressive but this particular beach is a park and you aren’t allowed to do such things. The only thing that makes this beach so good for snorkeling is because it’s a park!!! Idiot. Another time I found this bright violet little fish hiding in a little dark cave. It was like a neon tetra only neon violet in color. I’ve been getting to know the area underwater, like at one beach I’m much more likely to see flounders in the sandy area than at another beach not far away. But I still haven’t seen the red starfish. There is supposed to be a red starfish that haunts these waters and I would really like to see one. I need to buy an underwater camera because I would like to get pictures of some of the animals I’ve seen and if I ever see that red starfish I want to be ready.

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