Friday, May 18, 2012

The New Bike

This is a Create Bikes fixie that struck me with its colors as I thought surely no Italian driver could say they didn’t see me on this thing. I bought the bike at Absolute Bikes in San Pietro Vernotico. I may mention this store a lot in the blog because I really like going there and I’m convinced that they need to open a store just like it in Brindisi. This bike’s not a true fixie because I have the bike set up to ride on the sprocket that free wheels. If I flipped the rear wheel around it would be a true fixie. I use this one for my daily commute to work and I have tried the fixie side but I’m not convinced that I like that setup yet. Having one gear is not a problem as the ride to work is pretty flat and only about 3 kms. The narrow handlebars allow me move easily between cars in traffic and bike just seems much more maneuverable than the mountain bike. Also I’m sitting up higher than the mountain bike so I can see what dangers await me up ahead. The brakes aren’t that great so I tend to ride slower which is also probably a good idea in my particular urban environment. It’s not a particularly light bike at 11 kgs but again “che me frega?” it’s all about getting in shape. I hope to slightly trick this baby out or at least do some upgrades that I’ll talk about/do later.


Barbara said...

Hi Jeff !
Happy to have find your Blog....there's a surprise for you on our Blog

ciaoooo Barbara :))

Anonymous said...

It looks like they are all tangled up! I can't tell where one bike starts and the other ends.


Catherine said...

Hi Jeff!
Just found your blog randomly, as I was looking for a calendar of events in Puglia.. am rather reluctantly considering a move to Martina Franca/Taranto area for family reasons (having lived in Milan for over a decade), and will be interested to read your thoughts on life in Puglia.
Hot isn't it?!