Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Biking Blog

I’m thinking about revamping this blog about my life in Puglia. I stop blogging because it seemed like I was repeating myself and whining about the same old Italian problems that will be here forever. About September of last year I started getting interested in biking. I brought my old mountain bike over when I loved to Brindisi in 2003. It has largely been gathering dust because I was afraid to confront Italian drivers on their home turf. I’m not sure what pushed me but I became fixated on a Fixie. I bought the yellow, blue and red machine and started using it as regular transportation to work. Now I also use the old mountain bike for longer trips on the weekend. I’m starting to think more about a real trip with the bike, like from Brindisi to Rome on the Via Appia so that leads me to the revelation that I’m posting today.
I could turn this blog into something where I post about what I’m doing and where I’m going on the bike. It would serve as a record and hopefully push me to go out more and get in better shape. I could still whine about random Italian things like food, weather, politics etc. So what do you think? I wonder if anybody is even still reading this blog. Well it’s been hard to muster the will to write so let’s see what happens…..

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