Monday, January 21, 2008

For Pete's sake....

I don’t use that phrase normally but today I am. Things are a little ridiculous at work right now. I think I mentioned some time ago that my coworkers are not satisfied with the food served in the cafeteria. There was a survey done and nothing seems to have changed. Come to think of it, I never saw the results of that survey. Hmmm… Fast-forward to Friday of last week when the workers took actions into their own hands and did what Italians LOVE to do. They went on strike against the cafeteria. At lunchtime on Friday, instead of going to eat in the cafeteria they hung around outside it making a lot of noise. Refusing to eat in the cafeteria and not letting anyone else go in. I waited until most of them went back to work and then went in and ate. There was still two guys hanging around asking us “nicely” not to go in but I did anyway. There was even a security guard in front of the cafeteria making sure that if someone wanted to go in they could. This striking business is out of control and if I don’t agree with their position then I have every right to go in there and eat. A strike would be necessary if the food was not eatable or if there were health concerns, but the food is fine. I have noticed a slight decline in the quality over the years (I’m sure to Italians this decline probably seems like the end of the world). But the bottom line is that food is getting more expensive and I’m sure the cafeteria is just getting by on the same budget they have always had. I would be taking my complaints to the person here at work that is in charge of the cafeteria. This striking business is just used way too often. Anyway, today I’m having a panino from a little store outside of work because they say I shouldn’t go in to the cafeteria again during this strike. This is so ridiculous. Do they really think they will get better food by striking? Anyway I would love to have a hot meal for lunch today but instead I’ve caved in and I’m a cold panino. Their big statement is that I’ll benefit from this strike in the long run. What happens if the strike doesn’t work?
Also there are no photos today as the Vodafone network is on the blink. It’s really slow. I switched my Vodafone Connect Card from 3G to GPRS just to get a connection that stays connected! I wonder if that new fancy new “Internet Key” that they show on TV is having this problem. Maybe it’s causing it!!!

To quote Sheryl Crow, “Every day is winding road…”


Anonymous said...

You could always get a thermos and bring hot homemade soup from home ;) That's the mama in me talking :)

bleeding espresso said...

The strike mentality annoys me too. The other night when I was complaining about having issues with getting paid on time (or not getting paid on time as it were) P told me to tell them that I won't work anymore until I get paid. Yes I know I run the risk of getting screwed by not following that advice but I just refuse to play into that system. He told me I'm too American, which I suppose I am, but I can live with that ;)

(Btw I've since been paid without sciopero-ing!)

Jeff Gromen said...

I was thinking Peanut butter and jelly sandwhichs. That would really drive them crazy!

Exactly, if you go to that level quickly and often then people expect it and loses it's value.

There seems to be no change in the food yet. It did seem like the line is moving slower, maybe they are striking back.


bleeding espresso said...

Striking back. Too funny. I suppose it's a hard habit to break. I just wish they'd do it one person at a time....