Thursday, September 06, 2007

Do you feel it?

The cooler weather has been here all week and I’m feeling it and so are the kids (cats). Last night I started my non-summer routine. I was going to call it “my winter routine” but that’s a strong word and I can’t really use it in a place where it doesn’t snow. So the routine is something like this:
After work I go to the gym (on Mon-Wed-Fri). Oh man, let me tell you, last night it was the first time in over two months, so I’m feeling it today.
Then on the way home I stop at “Il Salu…Mino” and then the fruit and vegetable store to get food for dinner. Remember if Mino can explain something without writing it down then it usually is a good simple recipe for me. Usually his recipes require a stop at the fruit and veggie place too, which is fine because that's on the way home anyway.
Then I cook it all up and watch a little TV before heading out to a pub around 11:30PM, if I feel like it. With the cooler weather I suddenly feel like cooking again and it’s a good thing too. After playing calcetto Tuesday night and going to the gym last night my appetite is twice what it was in the summer. In August I just didn’t feel like cooking or eating much. A cold panino and salad sounds good when it’s near 100F. Now it’s real pasta weather! It’s ok to boil up a big ol’pot of water.
The cats are feeling it too. While I was watching the game (Italy vs Poland in basketball) and cooking I had to keep checking on what they had gotten into or knocked over. I guess when both animals have “cat-like” reflects they tend to forget the laws of physics. Why do they ignore the fact that they are running on tile floors? They CANNOT turn and STOP like they want to! It’s like watching Tom and Jerry or actually Tom and Tom. Their little legs moving twice as fast as their body and then they try to hide behind a chair leg. Their antics can make me laugh out loud sometimes. In July and August they would wait until about 11:00 PM before going on a rampage and even then it wouldn’t last very long.
I guess it’s just fun to be in a different routine even if it is a routine. I remember last spring I was really sick of going to the gym. I wasn’t going to join again this fall but I’m glad I did. There really isn’t anything to do between after work and say 7:30 PM when you start to think about dinner.
Also this cooler weather is getting me ready for a little trip I’m taking this weekend. I’ll tell you all about Tuesday.


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

I think "non-summers" are great :)

Perfect excuse to wear nicer layers of clothes, and cook, and do all kinds of good stuff :)

Good luck at the gym!

Calabrisella said...

che procedura interesante...
its the simple things in life that make it worthwhile...

saluti ai gatti

'nu bacio


Emily said...

I can't wait for "non-summer" to get here to Texas. I love the indignant look on my cat's face when she realizes that she was seen doing something silly.

Kataroma said...

This reminds me- I'd better get back to the gym! Now that my parents are gone I have no excuse.

I'm impressed that you head to the pub at 11.30. That's around when I go to bed. I must be a senior citizen. :(

Cynthia Rae said...

It has gotten really cold at night up this way. I like the cool weather, but too much too fast isn't fun. I got our winter blankets washed up, but haven't had to put them on the bed....yet.

You should make a video of your cats. Sounds like a fun show!


Jeff Gromen said...

One of the big things I forgot to mention is now I'm free to let the sun shine into my apartment. Before the sun was evil!

Yeap, it's nice. Sometimes I call it "La Dolce Vita" but not always, like when I want Mexican food!!

Emily and Cyndi,
I think it is time for Nello and Mara to make another appearance on the blog.

The bar scene is much more likely on Tuesdays and Thursday because then I take a nap after work! I know I'm older than you.