Monday, September 03, 2007

Ciao Estate!!!

Well another Saints' Festival is over and so is summer. Now some of you out there will think I’m crazy to write that, after all it was in the 90’s last week, so how can I say summer is over just because the calendar is September. Believe me I know, and so does Mother Nature. On September 1 the hot Scirocco wind from the south departed and the cool Maestrale from the northwest took its rightful place. The weather here is much more predictable than the weather of the Midwest. When the wind changes so does the season. Now I can look forward to comfortable temperatures with a chance for rain every once in while. Put away the sun tan lotion and beach towels. Bring on the long sleeve shirts and jeans jacket!
The festival in town is over. So what are the highlights you ask?
When I walked past the Monsignor on the podium he was calling out parts of the town trying to get everyone ready for ceremony when the boat parade arrives. He was saying things like “Who here is from the Sant’Elia parish? Who’s from Paradiso? Come on, I want to hear you!” I laughed because it felt like I was at rock concert.
The fireworks show actually started 10 minutes EARLY. What was up with that? I’ve never heard of starting them early.
There was no new gadget for sale this year. Last year the new gadget was these two magnets that you throw up in the air together. In the air they rub and make an annoying cricket like sound that stops when you catch them. All the kids were buying them so you heard the sound everywhere.
There's no saints fastival without "copeta". This is almonds coated in caramelized sugar. Did I say sugar? So you know why this comes first according to me...
Let's not forget the reason for fest! Here is San Teodoro riding the white horse. He's paraded around town several times but for this photo he's in the temporary gazebo in the middle of town.
Fireworks are always a hit.

Kids and their rides..

Outside my apartment Saturday night. Actually, only 14 of these cars are illegally parked. The parking madness gets worse the closer you get to the sea. That's why I love living in town. My car always has a home in the garage.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the Saints festival was a good time.

ps who was the famous person at the airport....or did you just fabricate that fact to keep your readers filled with suspense and curiosity?


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Copeta sounds yummy and the festival looks like fun!

"Only" 14 illegally parked cars infront of your home? Aaaa, meno male!

With labor day behind us, it's starting to feel like fall here too!


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Hallelujah to fall weather! I am sitting here with the windows closed and a long-sleeved jean shirt over my tank top. LOVING IT!!! Please tell me the heat isn't coming back.

Man, those almonds look good. Next time you're in Rome please bring me some!

Jeff Gromen said...

I hope you got my email.

The rule is "if a bus can get by" then you're parked OK on those nights. The police are too busy closing roads but they have to let people pass that actually live in town.

Bene tornata and yes I see only cool weather in the forecast. My cats seem happier too. Now I don't yell at Nello, "It's too hot to sleep on me!"