Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What's all the noise about?

Last night was a thing of fairy tales for Italy. A game that was incredible. Italy and Germany were both attacking. The whole game was held in check by the goalies and defenses that all refused to let ANYTHING through. I was getting worried because Italy had some good scoring chances but nothing in the NET after 90 minutes!!! Then with almost no time left in the SECOND overtime period the Italians got the deciding goal (most people were convinced that if it went to penalties then Germany would win). The screaming in my apartment was hilarious. How could you not feel excited after 2 hours on the edge of your seat? Then we calmed down as the game started again and Germany came down in force for one last chance to tie. When Italy stole the ball and made a counter attack goal to go up 2-0 then THE party began. An almost instant parade of cars, flags, and horns blaring went through town. We all went to the seaside to have a gelato and watch the madness. What could be better? Kent, Lori, and I walked home at 2:00 AM but you could see that others were going to be out for a while. I have never been so emotional about a sporting event, at least one that I was watching. I’m amazed because work seems to be the back to normal today. Italians don’t go out and get drunk to celebrate such events so they recover much quicker than we or the English would. To get to the final is great, but if they win it all then it’s something you can tell your kids about. The time you were in Italy when….

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