Thursday, July 13, 2006

End of the family visit

I’m back on my own again. Lori and Kent had a great trip and I think everyone here enjoyed meeting them. I also know that Lori and Kent enjoyed meeting EVERYONE here. It was great to have my friends here meet part of my family and vice versa. Family is important here so I think my friends here know a lot more about me now.

In the last two trips L, K and I ran around seeing things in other parts of Italy. This trip was more at home here in Brindisi. Of course we did travel too, with a trip up to the Gargano and one down to Sicily. In both trips we managed to see and do things that I still hadn’t done in all the time I’ve been here. I think I may have relied on Kent’s pictures a little too much but I guess that’s one of benefits of their visits. It was sad dropping them off at the airport but I cheered myself up with some good music on the way back. Now they have left and things will get back to normal, although it shouldn’t be normal for long because August is right around the corner. This year I want a real vacation in August like Italians do. I have a plan but more on that later.


Lori said...

Thank you Jeff and all the Italians we met during our stay. You all made the trip very memorable. Ciao.

Jeff Gromen said...

yeah comments! I hope this starts a trend. Maybe I should talk about more contriversial things.
Lori did you see there are lava flows on Mt. Etna. We were there just a few weeks early.

Lori said...

What's the website you use to see lava flows. I want to see where they are.

Maybe you should write more blogs and then people will comment. hee hee