Monday, January 16, 2006

Technology Update

I feel so proud. AT&T and the other phone companies are so tricky but I out did them, this time. I’m sure they will win in the end. I bought a Nokia 6010 to use in the States, but the problem was that Cingular bought AT&T Wireless… And get this… Cingular no longer supports the AT&T Wireless phones. Now everyone told me this made my phone, that was less than a year old, worthless because the phone was made to work only with the AT&T network. So all the employees in the stores said, “Sorry, Would like to buy another phone?” Good thing I’m not cussing anymore.
Well last night I found online, for free, a little program that gave me a code that unlocked my phone. Now the phone is no longer useless. It now accepts SIM cards from any company (the SIM card is what IS your phone number). The little code to unlock the phone is unknown because the phone companies don’t want you to change providers at the end of your contract. If they tell you that your phone only works with them then you won’t go out and buy another phone to get a slightly better deal… A nice trick. Don't be fooled. You can change providers at any time. Is is really that hard to let people know your new number? How many people need your new cell number?
From the website AT&T was particularly devious in that they changed their network codes from time to time and gave one model phone a different code from all the rest, which probably cost more that it was worth. My Italian phone has never had this limitation because there are too many networks and small markets to make it worth trying to control. People pay more for the phone they want but they can use it on the network they want. Although, some companies are trying to make things here like the States…

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