Sunday, January 29, 2006

Now we're Cookin' !

The ingredients for Orecchiette con Rape (Turnip greens). It's a local classic and was good but a little salty. Emily, it's like the receipe for Orriechette with Broccoli in the book but they add a little anchovy to it. So the sauce is oil, garlic, anchovy, and hot pepper. Below is the turnip greens starting to cook. To the left is the hand made orecchiette made a the bakery that morning.Posted by Picasa


emily said...

We've tried several recipes out of the book, and so far they've all done really well (except the tiramisu doesn't contain liquor!) I'm glad you're branching out and using it!

Jeff Gromen said...

Hey, I'm always trying new stuff. I've found that I really like fennel. Both raw and cooked.