Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Blogging in the USA

I’ve been away from the computer for a while. I’m in training for work and then on the weekend I was very busy. Let’s see. First I drove from Indy to Athens, Ohio to pick up Lori and Kent. From there we drove on to Fredrick, Maryland on Friday to check out the lay of the land where Pam and Keith are living now. The town of Fredrick has a nice center with many restaurants and shops that made it feel like it was made to walk. I have a new appreciation for a town like that. We had a great time using our legs to get around both in town and out in the woods. Harper’s Ferry is nice little spot where the Potomac River is baffling. It’s filled with rounded rocks that make it seem like you could jump from rock to rock and cross the river. I hate to talk bad about Indy but sometimes I really think that every part of the country is more interesting than Indiana. I have been to Washington DC but it was only to see the museums downtown. In this trip I was seeing signs for Gettysburg, D.C., and other places that I was supposed to learn about in history class. I also had my first experience with real Ethiopian food. It was pretty good and we followed the rules and ate with our hands, except for those that indulged in cheesecake at the end. I’ll have to put up some photos of trip when I’m back in Brindisi.

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