Monday, September 05, 2005

More Local News....

There was a string of local news events over the weekend so I thought I would write about it. I’m not going to write about the hurricane because enough is being said about that. There is nothing I could say that hasn’t been said before. It's far away but the BBC has been covering it extensively, so I know all to well what has been going on.
Bad News: Gina won’t be working at the Fruit and Vegetable Store anymore. I’m not sure why.
Good News: Now maybe I’ll go down to the Farmer’s Market more. There is a wider selection there.
Bad News: Octavio and Daniele are no longer co-owners of the Big Ben Pub. They have split up. Again no reason has been given as to why this happened.
Good News: Octavio is taking over the “In Buca al Lupolo”. Another pub right down the street. So now I have two places to go. Still, it will be strange the two bars are almost in sight of each other.
Bad News: There are signs up on my street that says no parking starting tomorrow for street repairs. It’s funny because the signs say no parking until the work is finished. It has no finish date and it also doesn’t say what the work is exactly. So something is being down to the street for some amount of time.
Good News: I don’t park on the street so it doesn’t affect me and just about anything they do to the street will be an improvement.
Bad News: The patron saints festival is over. The street vendors are gone and the town is quiet.
Good News: Fall is coming with cooler temperatures and rain to make things green again. No trees change color and loose their leaves here so there’s no real “sign” of fall like I’m used to.

Odd news…the paper today is calling for a “sciopero” or strike against high electricity prices. So they want everyone to unplug everything from 11:30 to 11:35 AM on September 14. They even talk about how much electricity items like TVs use when they are on standby, which is off but can be turned on by remote. They naturally are willing to give in on the refrigerator but they say, “don’t open the door!!” It even asks do you really need the light when you open the door? There are some good ideas for saving electricity.
That’s you’re update for this week in Italy.

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