Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year

I’ve been back in the States a while now and the holidays are over so I guess it’s time to reflect back on what has happened. I went around and did a lot of things I’ve been planning to do. What are the highlights? I mean besides gifts and tons of snow. Let’s see. After Christmas I finally made time to hang out Newport Aquarium and I got to go behind the scenes because of family connections. I’m so cool. Then I had dinner with some college friends and ended the day staying at my brother’s place. It was great and unique chance to hang out with my brother and my future sister-in-law. The next day I went on to my sister’s (and Kent’s) place for a night. We did some light hiking and good eating. I managed to make it back to Indianapolis in time for a New Year’s Party at a friend’s house. You can see photos of this party at I stayed with them rather than drive around late at night after New Years. In the end I was out of hotel room for 4 straight nights so I guess I should have checked out and then checked back in. Now, it’s Sunday and all is calm. Tomorrow I go into work for a little while before heading back. I’m getting antsy to head back to where my stuff is. I guess I’m also ready to go back to Italy because I know I’ll be back here in March for my brother’s wedding. My work visa has already come in the mail so I can go back except for a few things that I need to get done here first.

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