Friday, January 28, 2005


“No Basket Ability” was a good quote after the first meeting of the Avio employees experiment into basketball. On Monday night Fiorentino, Mauro, and myself took on Fabio, Domineco, and Giuseppe in some “from the street” style hoops action. While none of us had much ability and trash talking was a little weak we did have fun. We got off to a bad start when we arrived at the location and they said we didn’t have the court reserved. After a 10-minute discussion it was agreed that since no one was using it, we could. Then there was only one ball that could bounce and again we were lucky because it was a little smaller than a regulation ball so I think that helped our scoring. The highlight was when I made a 3 pointer and then Giuseppe had to answer with one of his own. Meanwhile Fiorentino and Domineco battled under the basket and showed signs of real basketball talent. Mauro and Fabio should be called “the hackers” so we let them cover each other. Needless to say this is going to be a Monday night tradition from now until the weather gets warmer… Then we’ll go back to playing soccer where we are all a little more comfortable.

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