Friday, November 19, 2004

What are the odds?

What a night. I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been really busy at work. I have two people here for one part of the project and two people here working a separate issue. I have been trying to be a good host and tonight was a good example of that. We had a great big dinner with everyone (about 15 people from both companies) then afterwards a few of us headed to my favorite stop the Big Ben Pub. When we arrived the place was packed and it was for a good reason. On this night the band was playing the traditional music of Salento. This music has a specific dance called the “pizzica, pizzica” that is hard to explain. It is a kind of shuffling of the feet with very little arm or hand movement and dancing is close to your partner but only rarely touching. It seems like a seductive stare down while you’re dancing. It seems like a combination of Middle Eastern dance and an English ballroom dancing and I love it because it shows the influences that are here in this region. I was really happy that my coworkers were able to see this truly unique part of the area. The “what are the odds?” part comes in because one of my coworkers met THE one person on the plane from the US to Rome and then to Brindisi. This one person was a rather beautiful woman who happened to be at the same bar we went to. Everyone knows everyone in this town. Gianvito at work knew most of the same people I know. Combine that with how this guy from Indiana runs into the only person he knows in town. I’ve never lived in a town like this so I never knew what it was like. It’s like I’m getting two experiences in one. Anyway, I think everyone had fun and tomorrow we have a more work to do so I’ll cut this off here.

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