Sunday, November 28, 2004

Visitors from another land

The weekend is wrapping up and I need to blog but there is too much going on. Work has been hectic to say the least and now I have more visitors than ever. We stayed very busy this weekend but it doesn’t seem like we’ve seen that much. Saturday we went to Otranto as this continues to be one of my favorite places to go, then we played ultimate with the SalentoDisc crowd. After this we went to Lecce to study their wild architecture and eat. I think we set a new record, even for Italians, by not eating dinner until 11:30 PM. Then today we strolled along the beach at Torre Gauceto a park just north of Brindisi. Monopoli held our attention for most of the day (antique street sale, castle, and Frederico ask the ladies). This town has a great walk along the sea and then you duck in an alley and you’re in the middle of a quiet white washed town. We finished up our thick hot chocolates at the Caffè Venezia and then went on to Locorotondo. We strolled around the perfect-whitewashed alleys for a while but being inland and on the top of a hill it was rather cold. Then we took a wild ride back to my house for dinner at the Windsurf. Now the weekend is over for me but their vacation is just starting. More later… I also need to put up some photos.

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