Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 The Year in Review

Back in the good old days when I blogged a lot I could wrap up the year with a highlight from each month. Let’s see if I can do that without the help of continuous blogging to look back on. If I forgot something important then feel free to remind me in the comments.


I went to Tunisia and realized a life long dream. I went and saw Luke Skywalker’s house from the original Star Wars. Of course there was a lot more to Tunisia than that but lets not get into the details about how Tunisians are TERRIBLE at giving directions.


I saw my beloved Colts get beat by the Saints in the Superbowl. Well I did see some of it live and then I fell asleep. I guess its ok they lost as New Orleans “needed” it more according to the articles. Blah, blah, blah.


My soccer team won the work tournament here in Brindisi. Kolletti Bianchi (White Collars) were unstoppable in the semifinals and finals. I have to admit that those two were my best games too. I tried to explain that when the game is important I turn up adrenalin because when you’re over 35 you have ration it!


I can’t think of anything that happened in April. That’s unusual because April is Easter and usually I take a trip with that nice long weekend. This year it came and went with no explorations. I can’t remember why. Then April 25th and May 1st both fell on the weekend so a trip using one of these holidays was also out of the question. Italians really need to learn to move vacation days to Mondays and Fridays like we do in the States.


In May I made up for April. I went Whitewater rafting in Calabria. I think it’s amazing that this was my first time in real white water. I’m also upset at my slow reactions when someone in my raft fell out. I imagined that in such a situation I would summon superhero strength to pull the fellow out of the dangerous waters. It ended fine but I did nothing heroic and the waters weren't dangerous. I also went home for a week of R&R in Cincinnati. I’ve learned long ago that I need a trip home about every 6 months or I’ll go crazy.


This was the start of the World Cup 2010. Highlights for Italy were few so I’ll just relive 2006 in my head. At least the USA made some highlight film material.


This month too seemed quiet and without highlights from what I can remember. Maybe this is because like April it’s the month before a lot of traveling. I didn’t have a big 4th of July celebration at my house like in 2009. I guess I need to bring that back in 2011.


August is always the big vacation month in Italy and this year was no different. I again went to Asia for the 3rd year in a row. This time it was to Eastern India (Calcutta to Darjeeling) and then Bhutan. Very nice trip and definitely another highlight of my life.


I was back in the States but this time for work. I also managed to see a lot of family on the weekend, which is great when it works out like that.


This went I really started feeling bad. For those of you who don’t know I was getting a very strange feeling of nausea. It had been bothering me for weeks but in October I really felt bad so much so that I went and saw my Italian doctor for the first time. It was a good experience with the National Healthcare System. Finally I used my tessera di sanita.


Continuing my stomach issues I had a gastro-scope done and they found that the valve at the top of my stomach (called the cardias) ain’t doing its job well. So now I’m doing much better with the help of Omeprazolo (I think that’s what it’s called). Also I went to Torino for a long weekend, which was a surprisingly nice town. Then I went home to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving. I’ve learned over the years that traveling at Thanksgiving is way better than Christmas. Anybody seeing the news about Europe right now knows I choose wisely.


This month has been quiet. I guess the highlight is looking back at all the crazy stuff that happened in my life this year. I’m happy spending another quiet Christmas in Brindisi. After Christmas I may drive down to Sicily. I love to visit that part of Italy I still haven’t seen Stromboli or Siracusa which would be nice.

There is definite fear in the air for me in 2011. A lot could happen. The most definite thing is that I will turn 40! Uffa, that sounds old. My return to the States seems more definite than all the other times that I said I was moving back. I think 2010 was the only year that there wasn’t a danger of me being moved back to the States. This time it could really happen and as usual I’m undecided as to weather its good thing or not. Sometimes it seems like a great idea when something is pissing me off and at other times I think about ALL the changes that will lead to and I think I should stay. Still Italians have taught me a thing or two about family so if I have to leave at least I will be getting back closer to family. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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40 is the best! there comes a balance of experience and wisdom. Stay in Italy as long as you can! Trust me on this one.