Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dis is it...

So I need to get back to the grassroots here at Blogspot where everything is free. The JeffinItaly site is no more. Why, because I’m cheap and blogging is not the IN thang…Ah well just having this simple blog is something. They’re falling out of favor you know. It was hip and now it’s boring. It’s way to easy to write something quick and funny on Facebook. I know because I’m one of the funniest on Facebook. Anyway what’s going on around here.

The weather has been dam good this week. I feel the heat has been turned off and I don’t think I’ll need it again until October or November.

This weekend I’m heading up to Rome. This whole trip was planned around getting tickets to the Caravaggio exhibit and so we have to be there on Sunday at noon. I hope Easter Mass doesn’t make it crazy. Actually everyone should already be there by then.

In May I’ll be heading back to the States for a week R and R. Maybe I’ll pick up an Ipad if I’m a true Apple fan. That reminds me; I noticed that next week I will celebrate 1 year with the Iphone. I really love it like I’ve said before. It has continued to entertain me and proved useful. I’ve also said before that I don’t like talking on the phone which is why the Iphone is so good. It seems you HAVE to carry a cellphone around so why not have it do other things.


Anonymous said...

Jeffo- I am waiting for the 2nd gen I-Pad, with USB and camera.

Hope all is well. Ciao.


Jeff Gromen said...

All is well Kentman. I can't wait. I don't need a camera. What I want is to be able to tether my Iphone to the Ipad. I don't want to buy a 3G Ipad and have another monthly bill.