Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Photos of Brindisi

Sognatrice mentioned in her blog how everyone should take some photos of their local town. I thought it was a great idea because there were several things that I've been meaning to get a photo of with the new camera.
This first photo is the most important. It's of the curious little round church(temple?) hidden in the middle of town called the Tempio di San Giovanni al Sepolcro. It's been covered in scaffolding for months and now it's finally seeing the light of day again. A bonus is that with my new digital camera the lens goes to 18mm, which is wide enough to get the whole church (it's on a pretty big piazza but faces another building).

This next photo is the heart of the passeggiata. The street you see is pedestrian only and it's a good thing too because cars would be a major problem navigating it when it's filled with people every night, still an occasional taxi does try to use the road for some odd reason.

A door shot.

I don't want to show just the pretty things. This poor building is falling apart and it's in a great location in the center of town. I guess every town has a few buildings that need help.

And last, but not least, the main duomo of Brindisi. If you've seen photos where there are statues on the roof then you're looking at an old photo.

The next blog will be Valerio and Erika's wedding. I have a ton of photos to sift through and I'm "in ferie" so it might take a couple days.


marco russo said...

ciao jeff...
1)le statue saranno rimesse a posto sul duomo e saranno quelle di SAN TEODORO, SAN LORENZO, SAN GIUSTINO DE IACOBIS...
2)mo te lo dico un'altra volta....non si dice "SONO IN FIERA"...si dice..."SONO IN FERIE"...spiramu ca a capitu...

sognatrice said...

Yeah! Photos! That round temple is so cool--glad the camera obliged.

Also happy to know the statues will be back; if Marco would be so kind, are those saints particularly significant to Brindisi for some reason (I'm sure they are)?

Jeff Gromen said...

Marco ruuu,
Grazie pero...forse non sono in ferie...Alberto ha chiamato stamattina. Manca uno, il quarto!

San Lorenzo and San Teodoro are the patron saints of the town. San Teodoro has a great story and the town is about to celebrate his story the first weekend in September. San Giustino, I don't know the story of him.


Eryn said...

hi there, i just started reading your blog today and really really enjoyed it. that's so cool that you live in brindisi...don't hear of many expats who go to live in a city off the beaten path.

my fiance and i are getting married in florence in april and will be traveling for two weeks afterwards. i really would love to go to puglia and see the trulli that i've become obsessed with in the past few months. any suggestions about the best places to see, i was thinking about otranto.

Jeff Gromen said...

Otranto is a cute little town on the sea. I love it for how compact the town is inside the walls and also the stories that go with the church there. BUT there are no trulli there. The undisputed home of the trulli is Alberobello but I would recommend driving in the countryside around Martina Franca. The road from Ostuni to Martina Franca is very nice to take in the countryside and trulli in their "natural state".


Maryann said...

Thanks for posting your local scenery. Very cool! For some reason I never pictured palm trees in Italy (duh). Visiting Italy is still a dream to me. I've heard about the passiagiata(?)Can you tell me or show pictures about this custom?

marco russo said...

jeff...cosa manca?

sognatrice...it's ok for s.teodoro and s.lorenzo...san giustino was made saint in the cathedral of brindisi... :)

Eryn said...

thanks so much for the suggestions, it'll prove to be very helpful when we make the trip!


Jeff Gromen said...

Manca Papa Pio X!

The other statue is Pio X but I've checked and I find no connection between him and Brindisi. The statues are back up already! I took the photo on Saturday and then Tuesday in the paper they showed them putting them in place that's how I found out the fourth is Papa Pio X.

I'll try to get a picture of the passeggiata.