Thursday, August 10, 2006


My vacation so far… The weather is being a big son of a ****. It’s been cloudy or raining for 3 days. The weekend was completely beach free. On the plus side it did cool off. It was so cool that yesterday morning Nello jumped into my lap the first chance he had. Last night I wore shoes instead of sandals. Only 2 great days on the beach so far!
The one highlight was going to the Sagra te lu Purrrpu. The picture of the bottle of wine I bought is below. It was a little scary driving home. I was just into Brindisi (at around 3:00AM) and the Carbinieri appear out of nowhere and pulled me over. They asked for my license. They looked at my license for 2 seconds and said nevermind, ciao. I was really lucky.
I’ve given up going somewhere. I thought of Albania but I just saw in the paper that there are thousands of Albanians trying to go home for August. The port in Ancona was closed and they all went down to Bari and there aren’t enough boats for them so they will probably be arriving here soon. Also Airone cancelled some flights and left tons of people stranded at the airport. I even thought about going to England and look what’s happened there this morning. It's like a trip for me is not meant to be. The only mode of transport that seems to be reliable and not overwhelmed right now is the train (I won't even mention the highways here right now). Maybe I’ll take the train up north or I’ll just hang out here and go to concerts and the beach when it doesn’t rain.
Oh and the match fixing scandal in Italian Soccer has not ended yet. The season is going to start 2 weeks late because the teams are still fighting their penalties in court. They say the season will start September 9th. We’ll see.

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