Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cincinnati, Ice Cream Show

Last night a film was on TV that was made right down the road in Lecce and the Salento area. I watched it very closely to see the local scenes that were used throughout the movie. I recognized most of the places immediately and Italian movies love to use scenery shots with very specific landmarks in the background so isn't hard to know exactly where they were. The leading man and woman in the movie were both police investigators. He lived on the coast near Otranto (great for views of the sea) and she lived in an apartment overlooking the old city center in Lecce (great for showing the local architecture in every shot). The storyline was the poisoning death of a person at a large wedding (the bride was supposed to get the poison it appears, oooooo). So it was a fascinating show to watch but more for the scenery than the acting.
Another very funny thing I saw yesterday was at the United Colors of Benneton store. I walked by this bastion of Italian clothing design and I saw a bright orange hooded sweatshirt with purple and white writing on it. In the middle in big block purple letters it said “Cincinnati” and above that was written “Ice Cream” and below “Show” in white. It’s so ridiculous because it makes no sense. I see this so much. They put something on the shirt or pants just so it has something and it’s almost always in English. Right now they also have sweatshirts that say “Are You Friendly?”

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