Monday, October 17, 2005

Il Gatto

Now everyone has seen the picture of Nello, my new cat below. After 2 years in Italy I finally felt the need to have an animal for company. I don’t know why I want to complicate my life with him, but why not. The first night I was convinced he couldn’t stay. I knew he would feel scared and out of place for a while but I had no idea it would be so bad. But then a funny thing happened. Friday there was a strike at the plant. The day off work gave me time to bond with the little guy. I was very amazed at the progress he made in just a few hours. He still cries a little when we are separated and he tends to run at first when a big person approaches him but he is getting so much better. He now knows how to follow me and he knows that when I sit down to eat that I will have my hands occupied so he is free to try to jump up in my lap. And of course he knows he should not be on the table so he is determined to find out what goes on up there! I now realize why it’s so nice to have doors everywhere in the apartment. I can easily limit his access to rooms he doesn’t need to get into, like the kitchen!!!In the end I hope this is the start of good relationship. Nello seems to be the type of cat that will be very affectionate and a pain in the a**, but that’s part of experience.

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