Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Castle FOR SALE!!!

I mentioned to sis a while ago that the castle in Oria was for sale. This small town is on top of one of the few hills in the heel of the boot, so it has some nice views and a great cathedral. It’s one of the places I like to go now. My favorite king, Fredrick II, made the castle in the 11th century. He made all the castles around here. Freddy’s most famous is Castel del Monte, which is on the one-cent coin in Italy. Before you say one-cent coin, BIG DEAL, remember we have Abraham Lincoln on our one-cent coin! Now the website with the castle in Oria said to “ask for details” on the price. That to me meant if you have to ask you can’t afford it, which is true. I found out today that a coworker lives in this nice little town and he knows the asking price for the castle is roughly 8 million dollars.
It’s funny because I thought what would you do with a castle and who would buy it? The best answer I came up with was that it would make the perfect place for a James Bond villain to set up shop to hatch a plan to rule the world. It’s a little out of the way and hidden, but not tough commute. It has a great round tower that would be perfect as a secret helicopter landing pad or missile silo or both. It has a very nice garden attached to it because you know the bad guy always has some natural passion like pet sharks and tigers or a pool full beautiful women or both. It’s just a perfect setting for the some 007-type movie. Oh and I just remembered there are lots of caves around here so I’m SURE you could drill down to one that leads all the way to the sea. So you have it all. The streets in the town would also make a great scooter chase scene. It would need to be scooters because cars barely fit on the streets in old city center. Can I copyright this idea?

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